Fee Schedules


Vulcan County will charge fees for service in accordance with the Fees for Service Bylaw. This bylaw is updated on an annual basis for each calendar year.

Schedule "A"


Part 1: Fees for Administrative and General Purposes

 Credit Card Convenience Fee on payment of taxes  1.75% of tax payment (or credit card service cost rate, whichever is the lesser)

  Assessment Information (no charges for titled landowners on their specific properties)

  Assessment Summary


  Detailed Assessment Statements (distribution subject to FOIP)


  Copy of Assessment Record


  Assessment Appeal Fee (refundable upon successful appeal)

  $50.00 - $650.00

  Tax Certificate


  Tax Notification on properties that have fallen into tax arrears

  Registration fee


  Tax notification to third parties


  Advertising (Alberta Gazette listing & local media ad)

  Cost recovery

  Compliance Letter

  Residential / Farmland




  NSF or Returned Items Fee



  Municipal Development Plan


  Area Structure Plan


  Land Use Bylaw


 Fold-up map: At counter

 Wall map: At counter

 Fold-up map: Mailed

  Wall map: Mailed

  Prior years maps (if available)




  $20.00 + cost of shipping


  General Information

  $1.00/page, $0.50/page over 100 pages

  FOIP Inquiries

  Initial fee $25.00, $50.00 if continuing request. If cost of producing copies and providing services exceeds $150, applicant pays that cost also. Clerical services estimated at $6.75/1/4 hr, actual cost calculated upon inquiry.

  If applicant is applying for own personal information, fee is only cost of producing copy, if amount exceeds $10.

  *Variations may occur, and fees will be charged in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation, AR 200/95, as amended from time to time or any successor Regulation that sets fees for requests from the Province.


  Signs on County property (1 plate + 1 post)

  Traffic control signs installation at cost

  Signs are only sold to Vulcan County ratepayers

  New Rural Addressing sign (2 plates + 1 post + installation)

  $180.00 + GST

  New Unit Address sign (1 plate + 1 post)

  $65.00 + GST

  (+$100.00 installation if needed)

  Name Plates (2 plates)

  $39.50 + GST


  Labour Rate


  Equipment Rate


  Travel Rate


  Aerial Photo/Posters

  $2.00/page up to size 11x17

  $15.00/page up to size 36x42

  $25.00/page for all larger prints

Part 2: Planning and Development Fee Schedule




  Development Permits




  Non-residential: Up to 5,000 sq.ft.



  5,001 – 20,000 sq.ft.



  20,001 – 50,000 sq.ft.



  Over 50,000 sq.ft.



  Development Permits-For those who commence  Development prior to obtaining permits




  Non-residential: Up to 5,000 sq.ft.



  5,001 – 20,000 sq.ft.



  20,001 – 50,000 sq.ft.



  Over 50,000 sq.ft.



 Development Permit Extensions

 Half of the cost of the issued development permit

 Statutory Plan Amendments / Land Use Bylaw

 (rezoning, text amendments, and other)


  Subdivision Appeals

  $600.00 (Refundable upon successful appeal)

  Development Appeals

  $600.00 (Refundable upon successful appeal)

  Road Closure Application

  $1,000.00 (Refundable upon denial of First Reading)

  Road Closure – Land Sale Fees (surveying, legal, etc.)

  Cost recovery

Part 3: Public Works Fee Schedule

  Sub-Surface Facilities

  $7,500.00 bond to be kept for one year if open trenching

  $450.00 + GST for Pipeline Crossing Agreement

                (Developed Road)

  $300.00 + GST for Pipeline Crossing Agreement

                (Undeveloped Road)

  Penalties for non-compliance will be double the original fee.

Undeveloped Road Allowance Licensing – Utility Access

Commercial - $3,750 + GST per mile per annum
Landowner / Ratepayer - $375 + GST per mile per annum

  Road Approach Construction Agreement (Landowner - New)


  Road Approach Construction Agreement (Resource - existing or new)


  $350.00 + GST



  $350.00 + GST



  Penalties for non-compliance will be double the original fee.

  Driveway Maintenance (snow ploughing or blading)

  $75.00 per ½ hour


  Dust Abatement

  As per Material Cost Recovery for current year + 20% for labour and equipment costs

  Crushed Concrete



  Crushed Gravel

  $10.00/tonne for ratepayers, up to a maximum of 500 tonnes/ratepayer/yr

  $13.50/tonne for additional purchases by ratepayers

  $13.50/tonne for commercial purposes

  Pit Run


  Rock Compensation






  Rock Compensation

  Category I: Few rocks being mostly small in size


  Category II: Somewhat significant number of rocks, some larger rocks present.


  Category III: Very significant number of rocks, mixture of large and medium rocks or high numbers of small rocks.



  Category IV: Extensive numbers of rocks, significant numbers of large rocks, or very large number of small rocks.


  Used Culvert

  25% of Public Works new cost

Part 4: Agricultural Services Fees and Charges

  Compensation for crop damages


  Private Land Spraying

  At cost + 15%

  Roadside Spraying

  At industry cost

  Sale of Strychnine 2% LSC

  At cost + 10%

  Agricultural Equipment Rental Charges (including GST):


  Per Day

  Other Charges


  Aerator 12ft c/w Grass Seeder Attachment


Delivery Inc.


  Pipe Laying Plow


Delivery Inc.


  Brillion grass Seeder 


Delivery Inc.


  Tree Planter


  2 day maximum


  RFID Tag Reader


  2 day maximum


  Bale Wrap Roller Unit




  Portable Cattle Loading Chute




  Skunk and Raccoon Traps     $20/month


  Tree & Insect Skid Sprayer   $75.00  


  Cattle Scale   $75.00 - 4H Clubs No Charge  




  An additional charge of up to $500.00 may be applied (at the discretion of the agricultural service board staff) if any agricultural services rental equipment is not properly cleaned or damaged when returned.

Part 5: Protective Services Fees and Charges

  Department Fees and Charges:



  Educational Courses



 Defensive Driving Course 


 Professional Driver Improvement Course


 Standard First Aid and CPR/AED


  Training Tower

 Per Day Rental Rate


 Engine Rental For Tower

 Per Day Rental Rate


 Engine Operator

 Per Hour


  Road Use Agreements

 Bond kept for one year: $20,000/mile oiled or paved and $5,000/mile graveled.

  Road Permit Fixed Municipal Fee

  All Permits required by carriers as per legislation

  As per TRAVIS and Central  Source

  Road Permit Cancellation Fee

  All permits cancelled by carrier

  As per TRAVIS and Central  Source

  Fire Plan Review

 $300 + GST


  All fees and charges invoiced to Alberta Transportation for the recovery of costs for Highway response services are based on the policies established and in effect by  Alberta Transportation at the time of incident.

  All fees and charges invoiced for non-highway incidents and non-permitted burning are based on the fee structure as per Alberta Transportation's policies for response services at the time of the incident.

  Fees and Charges for Emergency Response:

  Engines/Pumpers (Up to five firefighters)

  Fires, collisions, gas leaks, rescues, etc.

  As per Alberta Transportation Table 1: Rates of Reimbursement for Fire Departments

  Tenders/Tankers (Includes two firefighters)

  Fires, collisions, gas leaks, rescues, etc.

  As per Alberta Transportation Table 1: Rates of Reimbursement for Fire Departments

  Rescue Trucks (Up to five firefighters)

  For numbered highway responses

  As per Alberta Transportation Table 1: Rates of Reimbursement for Fire Departments

  All other responses


  Rescue Boats (Up to two firefighters)


  Response Trucks - not permanently rigged with emergency response equipment (two to five firefighters)

  Personnel transport or shuttle and/or Medical or Dangerous Goods (DG)  responses


  Command Vehicles (minimum one person)

  Scene support, traffic control, incident command, etc.

  As per Alberta Transportation Table 1: Rates of Reimbursement for Fire Departments

  Lost broken or destroyed equipment

  Damage to equipment for insurable fires or accidents.

  At Cost

  Contract Equipment

  Track hoes, vac trucks, dozers, portable pumps, etc.

  At cost


  Foam, equipment, hoses, etc.

  At cost plus 25%

  Firefighter Wages

  Charged when apparatus not in use


  Chief Officer Wages

  Discretionary as needed


  Scene Security

  To maintain continuity of incidents for investigation purposes


  Administration Time

  Minimum one hours charge


  Dangerous Goods (DG) Assistance (up to five firefighters)

  As required or requested


  Fire Investigation

  For all fire investigations where insurance is involved.


  Initial Fire Inspection



  Initial Follow up Inspection



  Subsequent Fire Inspection

  This is when deficiencies from the first two inspections are not corrected. 

  $100 Per inspection

  First False Alarm/ Alarm Bells Call

  First response to a “false alarm/alarm bells” within a 12 month consecutive period will not be charged.


  Subsequent False Alarm/Alarm Bell Call

  Alarms called in by alarm company and trucks respond

  As per Alberta Transportation Table 1: Rates of Reimbursement for Fire Departments

  This Fee Structure is a guideline to facilitate fees and charges for our Mutual Aid Partners and recognition under our Mutual Aid Agreements. Bylaw 2017-003 states in Section 16.2 “The fees and costs to be charged by the County for fire protection and emergency response services rendered are contained in the Fees and Services Bylaw.”

  Billing time for emergency services will commence with the initial call for a response and cease when the unit(s) that attended are put back into service.

  The Chief Administrative Officer retains the right to review all emergency events and where extraordinary circumstances exist may adjust invoicing procedures other than the dollar amount listed herein.

Part 6: Public Utilities

Hamlet of Kirkcaldy connection to the Twin Valley Regional Water Line


  Bi-Monthly Billing


  Per Cubic Meter


  Connection Fee

  Per Account Flat Rate


  Disconnection Fee

  Per Account Flat Rate


  Equipment Testing Fee

  Per Account Flat Rate


    New Service Connection    Per Account   $100.00 (Administrative Fee) + Entire      cost to connect


Vulcan County

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