Information Technology & Geographical Information Systems

Information Technology (IT) Services

The Information Technology (IT) area of the Corporate Services department includes maintaining the County’s networks, computers, and communications technologies. This includes the following:

  • Network infrastructure, server infrastructure, desktops/laptops, alarm system and phone system maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving server and computer errors/issues
  • Updating and maintenance of the County’s website
  • Assisting other municipalities within the County’s borders with their IT systems and maintenance
  • Maintaining the County’s communication networks and towers
  • Managing and updating County’s software, including accounting/tax software and fleet management software
  • Managing and installing CAMS (GPS locating/tracking) software and hardware in the County’s fleet
  • Managing County’s back-up and recovery solutions, including server backups and remote backups with a neighboring municipality
  • Anticipates future network needs and identifies proactive solutions to satisfy needs

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services

The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) area of the Corporate Services department includes the mapping and locations in the County.  This includes the following:

  • Maintaining the integrity of GIS data and related databases
  • Generating and creating of many types of maps (ownership, land, grading, etc)
  • Maintaining VC-Maps (web-based maps) for the County
  • Linking existing databases and information to the GIS data (i.e. Assessment information)
  • Hosting and maintaining web-based mapping for some other municipalities relating to their emergency responses
  • Generating and maintaining rural addressing for the County’s residents and locations
  • Interacting with external agencies as required for research, data acquisition, and implementation
  • Assisting with GIS related requests from County ratepayers and other agencies
  • Assisting with the update and maintenance of CAMS (GPS locating/tracking), including troubleshooting, maintenance of firmware, hardware and peripheral components 

There are many types of maps for the County, including County maps, district maps, hamlets, etc.  Many of these are available to the public in the County’s Map Room.

The County also utilizes web-based mapping called VC-Maps; where it allows for online viewing of the County maps and provides many details relating to the maps (such as assessment information and locations).  To view our web-based mapping, please see our Interactive Maps for both the public and Administration.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain more information relating to our department, please contact Administration at 403-485-2241 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Vulcan County

Vulcan County, conveniently located in beautiful sunny southern Alberta, is a vibrant and progressive rural community with prime farming, ranching, residential, leisure and recreation opportunities. Strategically situated one hour south of Calgary and one hour north of Lethbridge, we offer a rich quality of life in a rural setting.

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