Accounting and Financial

Accounting and Financial Services

As part of the Administration of the County, the Corporate Services department provides multiple financial services for the County. These activities include most of the financial and accounting operations of the County including the following:

Financial Services:

  • Preparing annual financial statements and providing information to the external auditors
  • Ensuring Public Sector Accounting Standards compliance for financial data and information
  • Preparing financial reports for the Public, Council, and other departments within the County
  • Preparing and submitting required reporting to the other levels of government (grants, GST, etc.)
  • Assisting with the preparation of the County’s operating and capital budgets
  • Preparing Bylaws and agreements relating to finances and taxes
  • Ensuring Municipal Government Act compliance relating to financial activities

Accounting Services:

  • Receiving and paying invoices for the County’s operations
  • Sending out invoices/statements and collecting on amounts owed to the County
  • Providing payroll and benefits services to the County staff and our regionalized firefighters
  • Preparing the property Assessment Roll for the County
  • Preparing & mailing of the annual Assessment & Tax Notices
  • Collecting tax receivables and following the tax recovery process for non-payment (if required)
  • Preparing Tax Certificates
  • Administering the insurance and claims for the County
  • Tracking and recording the costs/amortization of the Tangible Capital Assets for the County
  • Managing the investment portfolio, including developing strategies to optimize our return on investment and tracking cash flow requirements for the County
  • Assisting the other departments in the County with the financial and accounting activities

Other Services:

  • Supporting public inquiries and directing them to other departments (if required)
  • Administering record management for the County
  • Providing financial reporting assistance to external organizations that the County is a member of or affiliated with (if requested) and other municipalities.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain more information relating to our department, please contact Administration at 403-485-2241 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Vulcan County

Vulcan County, conveniently located in beautiful sunny southern Alberta, is a vibrant and progressive rural community with prime farming, ranching, residential, leisure and recreation opportunities. Strategically situated one hour south of Calgary and one hour north of Lethbridge, we offer a rich quality of life in a rural setting.

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