Staff Directory

      NAME     TITLE     PHONE         EMAIL
  Legislative Services
  Nels Petersen Chief Administrative Officer (403) 485-3102 Send Email to Nels Petersen                
  Lansey Middleton Manager of Legislative Services (403) 485-3102  Send Email to Lansey Middleton          
  Colleen Dickie Development & Legislative Assistant (403) 485-3117 Send Email to Colleen Dickie              
  Development Services
  Anne Erickson Manager of Development Services (403) 485-3132 Send Email to Anne Erickson              
  Alena Matlock Development Officer (403) 485-3135  Send Email to Alena Matlock                
  Sherry Poole Economic Development Officer (403) 485-2241 Send Email to Sherry Poole                
  Corporate Services
  Nick Fai Director of Corporate Services (403) 485-3106 Send Email to Nick Fai                        
  Nancy Humphrey Municipal Accountant (403) 485-3134 Send Email to Nancy Humphrey          
  Laurie Williams Payroll & Benefits Coordinator (403) 485-3105 Send Email to Laurie Williams            
  Chris Tracy Accounts Payable (403) 485-3119  Send Email to Chris Tracy                    
  Heather Sordahl Reception (403) 485-2241 Send Email to Heather Sordahl            
  Murray Anhorn Manager of Information Services (403) 485-3112 Send Email to Murray Anhorn              
  Madhav Nepal Information Technologist  403) 485-3113  Send Email to Madhav Nepal                
  Jorge Gonzalez GIS Coordinator (403) 485-3110 Send Email to Jorge Gonzalez              
  Assessment Services
  Logan Wehlage  Assessor (403) 485-3104 Send Email to Logan Wehlage              
  Note: Our Assessment is through Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. Phone: 403-485-2241 (Monday - Wednesday), 403-381-0535 (Thursday - Friday)

General Enquiries:

Box 180, 102 Centre Street
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-2241
Toll Free: 1-877-485-2299
Fax: (403) 485-2920

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

      NAME     TITLE     PHONE         EMAIL
  Kelly Malmberg Director of Agricultural Services (403) 485-3103  Send Email to Kelly Malmberg        
  Thane Beagle Rural Conservation Technician  (403) 485-3149 Send Email to Thane Beagle          
  Terry Olsen Agricultural Fieldman (403) 485-5559  Send Email to Terry Olsen                
  Shop  Agricultural Services Shop (403) 485-6058

Mailing Address                                     Agricultural Services Shop

Box 180, 102 Centre Street                     244007 TWP RD 172 (NE 8-17-24-W4)
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0

      NAME     TITLE     PHONE         EMAIL
  Mike Kiemele Director of Operations (403) 485-6090 Send Email to Mike Kiemele          
  Tawnya Sanderson Operations Administrative Assistant (403) 485-3124 Send Email to Tawnya Sanderson  
  Ken Neufeld Parts Person/Shop Foreman (403) 485-2169 Send Email to Ken Neufeld            
  Richard Olson Road Construction Foreman (403) 485-3118 Send Email to Richard Olson          
  Rick Beck Road Maintenance Foreman (403) 485-3120 Send Email to Rick Beck                

Vulcan County Public Workshop

Box 180, 107 3rd Street South
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-2169
Fax: (403) 485-5125

Shop Hours:

Monday to Friday
7:30am to 12:00pm
12:30pm to 4:00pm

      NAME TITLE     PHONE         EMAIL
  Douglas Headrick Director of Protective Services (403) 485-3123  Send Email to Douglas Headrick  
  Robert Pintkowski Community Peace Officer Sergeant (403) 485-3114 Send Email to Robert Pintkowski  
  Justin Vallee Community Peace Officer (403) 485-3114 Send Email to Justin Vallee          
Jennifer McMaster Protective Services Assistant (403) 485-3115 Send Email to Jennifer McMaster

Mailing Address                                    Building Location

Box 180, 102 Centre Street                    165075B RGE RD 244
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0

      NAME     TITLE     PHONE         EMAIL
  Serena Donovan  Councillor Division 1 403-423-0014 Send Email to Serena Donovan      
  Shane Cockwill Councillor Division 2 403-423-0063 Send Email to Shane Cockwill        
  Jason Schneider Councillor Division 3 - Reeve  403-485-1803 Send Email to Jason Schneider      
  Laurie Lyckman Councillor Division 4 403-423-0143 Send Email to Laurie Lyckman        
  Michael Monner Councillor Division 5 403-423-0149 Send Email to Michael Monner        
  Ryan Fleetwood Councillor Division 6 403-423-0158 Send Email to Ryan Fleetwood      
  Doug Logan Councillor Division 7 - Deputy Reeve 403-423-0170 Send Email to Doug Logan              

Mailing Address

Box 180, 102 Centre Street
Vulcan, Alberta, Canada T0L 2B0

Vulcan County

Vulcan County, conveniently located in beautiful sunny southern Alberta, is a vibrant and progressive rural community with prime farming, ranching, residential, leisure and recreation opportunities. Strategically situated one hour south of Calgary and one hour north of Lethbridge, we offer a rich quality of life in a rural setting.

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General Contact Info

 Box 180, 102 Centre St. Vulcan, AB
 (403) 485-2241
 (403) 485-2920

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