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If you are planning to build, modify or change a structure, or change the way you are using your land, a development permit will likely be required. See here for a list of developments that do not require a permit. (Sched 3)What you are allowed to develop on your property depends on its "land use zoning". In the Land Use Bylaw, each land use designation contains a list of "discretionary" and "permitted" uses allowed.  If you do not see your proposed development listed as a use, you may be required to amend the Land Use Bylaw and rezone your property first. You may explore our mapping system VC Maps to discover your land use zoning, or contact our Development team at (403) 485-3135 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to find out more

If you are interested in the opportunities for Renewable Energy development, click here for a brief description of our processes. Also, please see Schedule 5 for the requirements involved in projects of various sizes. There are different requirements depending on whether you are producing power for yourself or for the grid! Please contact us with your project ideas and we can help you get started.

If you already know your land use designation, click on the Land Use Bylaws Schedules below for the appropriate section of the land use bylaw.

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  • Park Enterprises Ltd. is the safety codes services provider for Vulcan County. Located in Lethbridge, AB Park Enterprises will work with you to
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  • What you are allowed to develop on your property depends on its "land use zoning". To find out your land use zoning go
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  • If the development you are pursuing is not listed as a permitted or discretionary use, then rezoning to a different Land Use Designation
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  • Vulcan County is a partner in the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) as such ORRSC is responsible for all subdivision ...
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  • Notifications for Development Permits, Bylaw Amendments, and Statutory Plans (Area Structure Plan, Municipal Development Plan).
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Vulcan County Land Use Bylaw 2020-028 - January 22, 2021

Vulcan County

Vulcan County, conveniently located in beautiful sunny southern Alberta, is a vibrant and progressive rural community with prime farming, ranching, residential, leisure and recreation opportunities. Strategically situated one hour south of Calgary and one hour north of Lethbridge, we offer a rich quality of life in a rural setting.

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